||Intrisincley Not Worth Remarking||
~Heavy Halos~
My Dragon form
~~Agape: The Discovery Of True Love~~
Of Love & Self-Loathing
Pulveronic Engulfment
>>Macabris ^^ Hysterium<<
:} whispers in walled tombs:{
Parchment Wings
Confessions of a Deranged Necrophiliac
My Lover
Demon Est Deus Inversus
The Declensions of Agricola
Corpus Antichristi: The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins
|-Estrus-| {A Declaration of Heat & Lust}

{photography by Daniel Cortopassi }

{Fur my Sister, Goddess Crimson}

Wave the majic wand
Take away my pain.....
...Answered prayers are the first steps
Towards damnation
Humility and submission are
The twin steps to Enlightenment
Freedom of the soul
through bondage of the flesh
and abdication
of the will...
turns expostulatory
What is denigrated
as sexual debauchery
is really the path
to extacy
and wisdom:
the wisdom of the flesh
Mortify the flesh
and bleed it dry
Devote yourself to the arts
of pleasure
and pain
Through satiation
of the body
we are able
to transcend it
and have peace
by ~*Rain~* Copyright 2003, All rights Reserved.